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Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds And Why You Should Try Them
Sunflower seeds are enriched with very healthy nutrients that offer numerous health benefits. Take a look at some amazing benefits these seeds offer
Sunflower seeds are a fount of nutrients and offer a lot of health benefits from lowers blood pressure, to relaxing blood vessels, getting rid of bad cholesterol, promoting the production of HDL or good cholesterol, lowering the risk of contracting heart related conditions, and hence improving overall heart health and boosting the general well being of the body.
Let us take a detailed analysis of why you should consume sunflower seeds on a regular basis. Take a look.

Sunflower Seeds Are Enriched With Magnesium
Studies show that sunflower feeds are a rich source of magnesium. Now, magnesium is a mineral(Essential minerals and their importance) which when consumed on a regular basis can help lower the blood pressure levels in the system to normal and continue to maintain healthy levels of blood pressure in the body. Consuming sunflower seeds in a diet can help treat patients suffering from hypertension which causes high blood pressure spikes after short intervals of time.
Constant high blood pressure can also increase the risk of a stroke and a variety of diseases related to the heart. So, regular consumption of sunflower seeds can help prevent that by balancing blood pressure levels in the body, getting rid of the risk related to heart illnesses. Additionally, sunflower seeds are also said to be rich in certain fatty acids known as linoleic acids which helps our body produce a hormone responsible for relaxing blood vessels. Relaxed blood vessels mean lower blood pressure which in turn means less strain on your heart.
Helps In Reducing Bad Cholesterol
This fatty acid present in sunflower seeds also helps get rid of bad cholesterol or scientifically known as LDL cholesterol from our system and promotes the production of HDL or good cholesterol. Eradication of bad cholesterol makes sure that there are no blockages in the blood vessels going in and out of your heart, which can become a major reason for heart-related conditions such as heart attack or cardiac arrest. All of these factors play a major role in improving heart health and sunflower seeds make a good dietary substance for better cardiac health.
Scientific research conducted across the world on the potential health benefit of sunflower seeds over heart health also claims that people consuming sunflower seeds had a 15% lower risk of heart attack as compared to the nonconsumers of sunflower seeds and 21% lower chances of dying from a heart-related condition.
Maintains Blood Sugar Levels
The effects of sunflower seeds on blood sugar levels in the body upon consumption can prove to be highly beneficial for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes. Sunflower seeds tend to have certain plant compounds in them known as chlorogenic acids, these acids can significantly reduce blood sugar spikes in the system which can act as a powerful and effective treatment for type 2 diabetes. Diabetic people can integrate sunflower seeds as a part of their regular diet in order to prevent frequent blood sugar spikes and experience a positive improvement in their condition.

Research also suggests that incorporating sunflower seeds in a diet can nullify the effect of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels in the body. So, even after having a high carb meal, the body won’t experience a dangerous boost in blood sugar levels. Both of these factors can effectively balance blood sugar levels in the body maintaining a healthy status throughout. Also, healthy blood sugar levels(Habits that will help you with your sugar addiction) are directly proportional to a healthier and more active immune system and improved overall health.

Provides Relief Against Inflammation

Medical science claims that while short term inflammation is a natural immune response to injuries, damages, or other health complications and is considered quite healthy as the body tries to heal itself, but a prolonged or chronic inflammation can be risky and might become the reason for a wide range of chronic health ailments and diseases. Regular consumption of sunflower seeds makes sure to get rid of that prolonged inflammation by relieving the damage caused and by speeding up the healing process which in turn subsequently relieves inflammation.

Sunflower seeds are abundant in Vitamin E which helps induce this anti-inflammatory effect in the body and at the same time, it also helps lower C reactive protein levels in the bloodstream ensuring a decreased risk of heart-related conditions and type 2 diabetes. Flavonoids are another plant compound found in sunflower seeds which is also responsible for this anti-inflammatory effect.


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